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Christian Hoagland

Director, DP


Christian began his career in the early days of MTV and the emerging music video scene in NYC. He loved to mix formats and create new looks. Whether it’s rollerblading with a camera attached to a pole or skiing off a cliff following a couch, he became known as the guy to take a camera anywhere – which led to the creation of one of MTV’s signature Emmy award winning shows – MTV Sports.

When Burger King wanted to create a new look for their national campaign, they called MTV and MTV told them to call Christian. That call led to over 100 Burger King commercials and the campaign is credited with beginning the highest recognition value ever for the fast food chain. Christian became known as the director who could take a commercial to a new level. Since then, he has directed campaigns for Volkswagen, McDonald’s, Mitsubishi, Radio Shack, Pelican, Royal Caribbean, Panasonic, Spalding, Blue Cross, Ocean Spray and Wendy’s just to name a few.

The campaign he is most proud of is Truth. Christian used a combination of hidden cameras and body mounts to convey the concept that it’s the teens that wanted to bring out the truth and they are in control of the message. The original campaign was so successful that the smoking lobby threatened to withdraw their 1.6 billion dollar settlement with the states.

Always at the cusp of new technology, Christian has begun to develop new looks for reality television. His style can be mysterious like for Talent Channels’ #1 rated show Ghost Adventures or aggressive-action like NBC’s Octane Academy – mixing high speed cameras and GoPros to get angles and shots that continue to amaze.

Christian is known as a real people commercial director. He is able to make talent, whether it’s a star athlete or someone who has never been on camera before, relaxed and comfortable and draws the best performance out of them.

Credit List

Director: Commercials / Image Campaigns
• Rockland Bank
• Pelican
• DVF Awards
• ABC - "Katie Couric"
• Wendy's
• "Berryville"
• "Get On Your Frybox"
• "Sides"
• "Frosty"
• Jennie-O
• "Make the Switch Mission"
• "Beach Invasion"
• "Wake Up to a Better Breakfast"
• HSM - "World Business Conference"
• Memorial Sloan Kettering - "Cancer Research Forums"
• SNY – “Yankees Show Opening”
• Dunkin Donuts Campaign – “Mission Fresh”
• Dawn – “Mileage”
• Lucozade – “Drink Lucozade”
• Nynex – “Extreme Dialing”
• MTV Sports – “Andre Agassi”
• Spalding – “Infusion Saves the Day”
• Eight O’clock Coffee ­ “Whistler”
• McDonald’s
• "Censor"
• "Upgrade"
• Pinnacle ­ “London”
• Truth
• "Bodybags"
• "Voice"
• Ocean Spray
• "A Bunch"
• "Juice"
• Discovery Channel ­ “Clown”
• Panasonic ­ “Prison”
• Radio Shack ­ “Dorm Room”
• Royal Caribbean ­ “Onboard TV”
• Liberty Medical
• "Empowerment"
• "Cost B Sample"
• "Denial"
• "Shut Down"
• "Overload"
• "Stress"
• "Why Me"
• "Family"
• "Revelation"
• "Thank You"
• "Swans"
• AD Council
• "Brandon"
• "Emily"
• Nuance - "Voice Active"
• MDPH - "Kendyll's Flight"

DP: Film & TV Programming
• NBC - "Octane Academy"
• VH1 - "Master of the Mix"
• TLC - "What Not to Wear"
• Travel Channel - "Ghost Adventures"
• Travel Channel - "Paranormal Challenge"
• MTV Networks - "Ultimate Parkour Challenge"
• Discovery - "Wreck Chasers"
• Travel Channel - "World Poker Tour"
• Disney XD - "Winter Next X"
• MSG Varsity - "Newsday Marching Band Festival"
• MTV Networks - "Worldwide Day of Play"
• MTV Networks - MTV Soundstage
• "Far East Movement"
• "Mike Posner"
• Roadrunner - "Nickleback" Press Junket
• MTV Networks - "Video Music Awards" - Taylor Swift Show Open
• ESPN - "Matched"
• PBS - "When Families Grieve"
• HomeGoods YouTube - "How to Shop HomeGoods"
• "Little League World Series Show Open"
• "Scripps National Spelling Bee Show Open"
• "College Football BCS Show Open"
• ESPN - "NFL Draft Lab"
• SNY - "NYT Mets Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony"

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